The 365-Day weekend

Escape the Daily 9 am to 7 pm Grind. Achieve Your Financial Goals in Your Prime Youth. Join the New Rich.

Employ the ‘Estate Leveraging System’ used by the World’s Richest Investors. 

The 'Estate Leverage' System

How you can Build Incredible Wealth for Yourself by Owning High Income-Generating Real Estate Properties WITHOUT a Large Corpus, Time & Effort

"The trouble is, we think we have time"


- Buddha

A Hike in the Andes Mountains, Ride Hot-Air Balloon in Cappadocia,  A Hot Spring Bath in Blue Lagoon - Iceland,  Glamping & Wildlife Viewing in Kenya, Sipping Wine amidst the Vineyards of Tuscany - Italy, Taking a Guitar Lesson, A Bike Ride across the Country, Starting a Venture.....

We used to harbor dreams of a life filled with such incredible adventures;  As the months roll into years, don't we get the aching feeling that life is passing us by?

"The time misspent in youth is probably the only freedom that one ever has"


- Anita Brookner

Aren't most of us stuck in the Daily Grind of 9 am to 7 pm work-week, working to pay our bills, staring at a never-ending 15-20 years' liability of  a home loan and pretending to live a twisted & warped definition of an illusionary retirement at 60  rather than our prime youth?

Don't we get the sinking feeling with the realization - that by the time we end up repaying our home loan in 15-20 years, we would have paid the bank a shocking 350% MORE than the price of our apartment?

Don't we keep hearing that 'Passive' Income needs to be generated from our 'Assets' in order to supplement our 'Active' Income (generated from our daily grind), but are clueless on how to create a passive income source so large that it can replace and address all our expenses?

Hasn't 'Financial Imprisonment' become a way of life for most of us? 

Is this the life that we envisaged and dreamed about in childhood or as a young college student? For us, life was meant to be a voyage full of enriching experiences - travel, learning something new each day, work being a choice that arose out of passion, pursuing a new hobby - our list used to be endless.

Research conducted by Professors of Consumer Behavior at Yale University reveals that more than 90% of the 'Upper Middle Class' segment spends a staggering 2500 hours per year or a mind numbing 100,000 hours in our working life span either at work or a supporting activity towards fulfilling work !

That's a whopping 70% of our waking hours during weekdays - almost 50% of our prime youth spent in taking care of home expenses and loan EMIs - a phase where we have all the energy to experience life to its fullest, but are burdened with 'financial imprisonment.' 

'Financial Imprisonment' is a world-wide epidemic but the truth is, it needn't be.    

"If our wealth was measured by our 'disposable time' than 'disposable money,' most of us would be at the bottom rung of the ladder."


- Vijay Naraayanan, Transformation Expert

The Estate Leverage System and How You Can Employ it To Drastically Shift Your Financial Fortunes

Across the world, there are a select group of individuals who are mirroring their financial behavior based on the patterns of the Ultra-Rich segment and Large Private Equity Companies; Individuals who refuse to take the stance that life is meant to be a torrid journey with benefits only available at the end of the 60-years' retirement tunnel. 

The Estate Leverage System is borne out of a staggering 30 months of research spanning almost 30,700 families and a spend of a whopping INR 55 Million - in attempting to answer these compelling questions.

An 'Estate Leverage System' Consultant will meet you at the convenience of your Home or Office (For Mumbai & Pune and on Skype for Rest of India and Worldwide) and demonstrate How You Can Literally Own Multiple High Income-Generating Real Estate Properties in a span of a few years WITHOUT a large capital corpus and largely, debt-free!     

Get Free Consultation Voucher Worth Rs.5100/-

What our DELIGHTED CUSTOMERS say about 'the estate leverage system'

Dr. Sameer Nanware - M.D., Senior Chest Physician


"The 'Estate Leverage System' was an absolute eye-opener for me. It revealed a New Paradigm of 'Wealth' Creation through Real Estate that I hadn't been aware of, before; The concept of making 'money' generate 'quality time' is a wonderful journey to embark upon. Highly recommended for all families who wish to make the most of their prime time."  

Mr. Subhendu Mandal - IIT & IIM - Vice-President, Sutherland


"I wish I had access to the 'Estate Leverage System' much before. It provides cutting edge solutions on how to leverage Real Estate - the safest investment tool available to mankind - and own multiple properties at virtually the EMI of one single property! It's a surprise and a crime that we aren't provided this vital piece of information in school or college."

Mr. Pritesh Kankrej - Senior Manager - Hyundai Motors


'Financial Freedom is a concept I was aware of, prior to meeting the 'Estate Leverage System' Consultant; but 'Financial Imprisonment' was a wake-up call - to think that I was sacrificing a major portion of my prime youth in building wealth - not for myself but the bank - came like a jolt. Instead of spending my life to build a home, I'm making my home(s) build a life for me."  

What the Estate Leverage System Will Provide You

  • Insight into how you may be unknowingly squandering the SINGLE BIGGEST LEVERAGE that you have at your disposal to build incredible wealth.
  • How to literally buy & own properties at 20% - 25% of their original value!
  • How you can Own Multiple Properties at the Cost of Just One EMI of a Single Property!
  • The secret mechanism of creating wealth through Real Estate Assets - employed by the Ultra-Rich & Large Organizations and how you too can leverage the same system to creating the life of your dreams in your prime youth!
  • How you can leverage the tremendous growth opportunities in tourism & demand for alternate accommodation in the country to generate consistent positive cash flows from your properties!
  • How to transform a small corpus of just 10 Lacs to 14 Lacs into creating assets worth crores in just a few years!
  • Select  Properties - Handpicked from  Lacs of Projects based on their Intrinsic Revenue Earning Potential -  For you own and invest in, right away!

Get Free Voucher Worth Rs.5100/- for Personal Consultation from an 'Estate Leverage System' Expert